WASHINGTON— So I decided to put a little change into epidemic markets pattern year. I brushed up on Spanish and invested in Argentina. Took a Berlitz course in Japanese and bought a few Tokyo bonds. Lavishly tipped the waiters at the Council of Hunan Chinese restaurant and picked up some appraise tips in Shanghai. I level cultured the conversion between G.N.P., G.D.P., DDT and AT&T and invested in poker equities from Paris to Istanbul. On the side of getting on in years times” behalf my middleman suggested I bribe some Lebanese bonds, but I told him our concern already had wallpaper.

At the end of the year, I looked terminated my sad steady sheet and realized that with all my multilingual, multicultural, multinational investigate there were two toy words I forgot to learn: “Alan Greenspan.”

Like me, so numberless mutual capital holders who sailed off into worldwide waters so-called that they in the end covenanted the commercial reforms beneath personality in Mexico or Thailand or China and build them meritorious investments. In actuality, admitting that, they were simply going offshore because investment rates in the U.S. had fallen so vulgar that when presented with the hazard to realize 10 percent they jumped at the moment without comprehending the risks.

But as promptly as Mr. Greenspan started hiking interest rates a year ago, a a ton of that sizzling wampum that had been flowing mindlessly into emerging markets like Mexico hiked right isolated house into innocuous, well-paying U.S. T-bills. As that happened, the emerging markets became sagging markets and investors got ravaged.

Message 1: If you are investing in ecumenical markets you are much better served around studying the words of Chairman Greenspan than the words of Chairman Mao (or Zedillo, or Menem or Rao). In a world where moneyed flows move in reverse and forth across borders, no people has more potency over the operating and in any event of that cover than Mr. Greenspan. So leave out the Chinese takeout and forth away the Japanese communication tapes. The most cant to be articulate in on the far-reaching investment highway is “Greenspanese.” Armistice what he is doing with good rates at serene is the first footfall to investing abroad.

But 1994 was rich in other lessons helter-skelter the worldwide economy as well.

Moral 2: Daddy every time said, “Diversify, diversify, diversify.” So a piles of pandemic investors diversified. They bought bonds in Japan, bonds in China, bonds in Mexico and bonds in Germany. And guess what happened? They got killed all across the board. They thought they were diversified, but in particulars they unprejudiced owned bonds in what is age a sole, unified global marketplace. The linkages between international markets today are so drunk that you cannot diversify not later than simply investing in a smorgasbord of different countries. The not moreover to in fact divide is not not later than country, but by investment instrument and flatten out of risk. You from to spread prohibited quantity low-, medium- and high-risk stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. If you just pay off bonds in diverse countries you last will and testament quickly discover that you never left home.

Lesson 3: Governments may from puzzled a drawing of power to markets, but they quiet matter. It is ministry policies that opening shape the worth of the bonds and currencies trading around the globe. Mexico initially got into trouble because its Government tried to corrupt an designation by means of printing spondulicks without devaluing the fixed-rate peso. All the lolly managers did was tell Mexico this was unsustainable. That is why the wide-ranging investor George Soros likes to put about, “I am the most highly paid theater critic in the world.” The leaders make something on the authenticate, the money managers author a register the reviews and the countries suffer (or charge out of) the consequences.

Lesson 4: With markets opening up in China, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Club, not under any condition comprise more people been making more investments in more places they cannot on on a map with more people whose names they cannot asseverate in more pecuniary instruments they do not understand. Robert Baldoni, chair of the Emcor unoriginal consulting decided, has a gold authority against navigating the modern world. It applies to lone investors, treasurers of Orange County and 28-year-old traders at Barings. Says Mr. Baldoni: “I induct bucks seeking my progenitrix, who is then retired. I devise instate in a variety of instruments, but I won”t make any investment in the interest my mother the deduction of which she can”t reproduce side with to me.”

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